About Us

Woody & Blue was established by artist Haroun Ray, with an academic background in both mixed media arts and architecture.
“I don’t think that anyone has just one job for life anymore and I believe that it’s important to try new things as well, to walk away from careers when things feel stale or no longer inspire us. In a way, I’ve been living an entrepreneur’s life without really knowing it.
My career change happened around the time that I was deciding to move back up to Scotland after a decade in London. I wanted to feel revived and Scotland, a country I deeply love, was the tonic I needed, and it was there that I started to crave hats and lots of them, this during the Edinburgh fringe festival in 2013.
In 2015 I was very fortunate to meet Karen Shannon, a fabulous master milliner from Glasgow Scottish Opera. It was an incredible introduction to hat making and  I studied in the second year of my MA in millinery under the wonderful Master Milliner Sarah Lomax. 
I learned so much from these two superbly talented designers and I had found my happy place. A truly wonderful thing…
I’ve now returned to London, and I have a tiny studio at The Forge, a beautiful, creative artist hub on the Isle of Dogs and I have a weekend stall in the Jubilee Market, Covent Garden where I work to my heart’s content and meet a diverse range of customers who like me, have a passion for hats.”


And this is me Haroun Ray the one man band and mind behind every hat I make, you don’t buy just a hat, you buy my unique creativity which is like an erupting volcano keep flowing…. keep changing…. keep moving…. keep evolving


Peace and love