Blue Couture

This is a collection designed as a radical fashion statement to look fabulous in every day life using a hat as the ultimate accessory or for a special event, such as an evening or day cocktail party, a day at the races or a wedding.
There are only a few pieces which are created ready for immediate sale but most are made to order, to meet the specific  needs of the customer. I don’t use glue. Everything is patiently hand stitched and every piece is unique.
I use the best materials available as hemp cartwheel, wheat straw, silk abaca, crinoline, vintage veil and all the flowers are in organza silk for Spring and Summer seasons; wool felt cone, cape line or peach bloom, wool felt merino cone and sometimes, cashmere wool felt cone for Winter season. I also can work in fur but I prefer not  to. 
I work to special order only in: 
Mottled vintage fur felt, melusine vintage fur felt, salome vintage fur felt, peach bloom velour and some original 1940s and 1950s fur felt and salome fur felt capeline.
Prices start from £280, free UK shipping